Killarney – Ontario’s amazing little secret

Killarney. The very name conjures up images of outdoor wilderness adventures set against a backdrop of windswept rocky shorelines, expansive blue skies and clear waters that reach beyond the horizon. The land that inspired the Group of Seven is just as breathtaking today.

Killarney has long been regarded as the quintessential northern gateway. We’re far enough in to the Georgian Bay region of northern Ontario to provide the ultimate escape from the world, yet close enough to reach without spending half your vacation in travel.

Killarney is a place where every season offers its own special beauty. Its timeless grandeur can be seen in a full spectrum of colours from the white quartzite of the La Cloche Mountains, to the pink granite of the ridges and the indigo blue of the lakes. Boasting every shade of green in the summer and the full scope of fall’s panorama, the forests of Killarney must be hiked to be believed.

Killarney is a large, relatively diverse community with a permanent population of approximately 405 residents. Two provincial parks – Killarney and French River – exist within our boundaries, presenting unique economic challenges and opportunities. In addition to the permanent settlement areas of Killarney village, Key River and Hartley Bay, the community is home to several hundred seasonal residents with cottages dispersed on various lakes and rivers throughout the area.

The pristine French River Delta is the least developed portion of the French River and still offers the mystique that it has for hundreds of years. Today you can still travel the same routes as the aboriginals and voyageurs. See exactly what they saw and hear exactly what they heard. A great abundance of waterfowl, big game and rare flora attract both hunters and photographers to the area. The Delta is a great place to star gaze, go on a fishing adventure, enjoy the scenery, and catch a breath of fresh air – a true northern Canadian wilderness experience.

The Key River/Key Harbour area has its own rich history and diversity. Located about 80km south of Sudbury and 100km north of Parry Sound, the Key River provides water access to the Georgian Bay. This attracts boaters and tourists who wish to travel the Bay. The Key Harbour area has several commercial establishments to provide tourists with accommodations and meals.

Marinas provide direct access to both the French River Delta and the Key River. A diverse co-system provides an overwhelming assortment of flora and fauna, and there’s some of the best sport fishing to be had anywhere.

The Municipality of Killarney is a popular tourism destination for campers, eco-tourists, and visitors interested in fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing and kayaking opportunities. The Killarney village waterfront is a primary destination for North Channel/Georgian Bay boaters, an area renowned for its world class boating waters. The village is also a popular destination on the well-travelled Sudbury-Manitoulin-Killarney snowmobile circle route when weather and ice conditions are favorable. Killarney Provincial Park has growing winter user numbers that complement the approximate 50,000 visitors during the summer and shoulder seasons.

The Municipality’s economy is largely tourism-based, with at least 100,000 day-trip, overnight and boater visitors arriving each year.

Although much has changed over the years, the quaint charm of this Great Lakes community remains. Friendly faces welcome visitors to a village with modern amenities, still populated by direct descendants of its original settlers.

Killarney offers outdoor enthusiasts every opportunity to adventure in a true wilderness paradise. Discover the hidden jewel on Georgian Bay that is Killarney and why Killarney is Ontario’s breathtaking little secret.