Water and Sewer Billings

Image of the Municipality of Killarney Water Plant.

Please note that 100% of water and sewer expenses are recovered by direct billings to the water and sewer system users.

If your property has access to the municipal water service, your property has been assessed a portion of the capital construction costs of the water treatment plant. If either you or the previous property owner opted to pay this capital water charge (“CWC”) over several years, you will notice a "CWC" charge on your final property tax bill. This charge will remain constant until the debenture is paid in 2026.

There are four utility bills processed yearly, normally mailed to water users at the end of January, April, July, and October. Please notify the Municipal Office if you have not received your bill.

A copy of the Water and Sewer Rate By-laws for 2011-2016 can be downloaded here.  

Utility Billing Vacancy Rebate

You may be entitled to a rebate if your building:

  • has been declared as unsafe by the Chief Building Official pursuant to the provisions of Section 15.9 of the Building Code Act; or
  • remains unoccupied following a period of twelve consecutive months

If your application is approved by Council, you may pay a reduced water rate equivalent to 50% (Fifty Percent) of the per-unit cost.

The reduced water rate shall apply as of January 1st of the next applicable billing year, provided there are no outstanding water and sewer billings at that time and shall continue provided the status of the building remains unchanged from the conditions noted above.  No rebates for previous year’s billings shall be permitted.

Once the building becomes re-connected to the municipal water works, deemed safe, or becomes occupied at any time, the full water rate shall be reinstated immediately.

Utility Billing Vacancy Rebate – Multiple Dwelling Units
Owners of single family dwellings containing an apartment unit which has been vacant for a minimum period of 90 consecutive days shall be entitled to a rebate from the established utility rate upon application by the Owner and approval by Council.  The rebate with be calculated in accordance with Policy #I-007 of the Policy Manual as contained in Council Resolution No. 08-015.