Recreation and Fitness

The Killarney-Shebahonaning Complex

The Killarney-Shebahonaning Complex, located at 58 Charles Street (Highway 637), is a municipal facility less than a block from the entrance to Killarney village. Several facilities suitable for recreational use are located on the site.

Image of the entrance to the Killarney Community Centre.

The Killarney Community Centre

an outdoor ice hockey rink covered by a roof

an outdoor curling rink covered by a roof with protected sides, and

a small recreation building that includes three dressing rooms, a canteen, and an open floor area

The cement ice pads can also be rented for hosting outdoor events during the warmer weather, such as BBQs, family reunions, concerts etc.

Image of a community member using the tread mill in the Harvey and Anne West Fitness Room within the Veteran's Memorial Hall.

The Harvey and Anne West Fitness Room

Within Veteran’s Memorial Hall is the Harvey and Anne West Fitness Room. This room contains an elliptical machine, treadmill, upright bike, recumbent bike, multi-station gym and a variety of resistance training equipment.

The fitness centre is open as follows (schedule subject to change):

SUMMER HOURS (Victoria Day to Labour Day):
Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 10:30 am
Tuesday to Thursday: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

WINTER HOURS (Labour Day to Victoria Day):
Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 11:00 am
Tuesday to Thursday: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Contact the Municipal Office to pay the fee for a fitness membership, or pay the daily rate when you drop in. For more detailed information on the amenities of Veteran’s Memorial Hall, click here.

Image of Nancy Pitfield Memorial Park displaying memorial plaque.

Nancy Pitfield Memorial Park

27 Channel Street, Killarney Village

This park was established in gratitude for the nursing care that Nancy Solomon Pitfield provided to the people of this area for all of her adult life. Killarney village was isolated and dependent on water travel until Highway 637 opened in 1962.  “Aunt Nancy”, as she was known to everyone, provided medical services to anyone in the area who needed her, from before her marriage in 1919 until she died at the age of 80 in 1965.  

A plaque in the Park reads:  

For nearly half a century, "Aunt" Nancy Pitfield was Killarney's angel of mercy. Born in this community, she studied nursing in Winnipeg and Montreal, where she graduated from Hotel Dieu Hospital. She returned to this then isolated village and married George Pitfield in 1919.

She dealt with grave illnesses and accidents without the aid of a doctor, sometimes reaching outlying patients by dogsled or snowshoes. She expertly set dislocated hips and knees, delivered 512 babies, and once performed an emergency appendectomy, always with an encouraging word and a smile. Remembered always for her dedication and love for people.

Dr. Joshua Spiegel Memorial Park

63 Charles Street (Highway 637), Killarney Village
63 Charles Street (Highway 637), Killarney Village

Now the site of the Municipality’s sign welcoming visitors to the community, this Park was established to mark the generous contribution of Dr. Joshua Spiegel to the health and well-being of the people of this area.  

Dr. Spiegel received his medical degree from the University of Toronto Medical School and was one of the first neurosurgeons to practice at the Neuropsychiatric Institute, established in 1939 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He eventually became chief of neurosurgery at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and professor emeritus at the University of Chicago Medical School.  

In the early 1960s, Dr. Spiegel and his wife Rosalynde established a summer home for their family just outside the village, on Killarney Bay. Medical care was not easily or quickly obtained in the area and Dr. Spiegel’s home was always open to anyone seeking medical aid. He became our (unofficial) doctor whenever he was available. Dr. Spiegel shared his expertise with us for decades before he died in the spring of 1994.

Image of Municipal Beach with picnic table.

Municipal Beach

322 Perry Avenue

The town beach is located on Perry Avenue, east of Killarney village, off of Highway 637. The site has both shaded and sunny areas with a sandy beach. There are several picnic tables available for public use.  There is no lifeguard on duty. Use of the property is at your own risk.