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By-Laws and Policies

The documents provided below are those which are most frequently requested by the public. Every effort is made to provide the most up-to-date versions (i.e., the most recently amended form). However, if a document is currently under review or being amended, the website version may be out of date. Therefore, these documents should not be relied upon for legal purposes or to make important decisions.

By-Law 2021-17 – Burning PermitsBy-Law 2021-17 – Burning Permits

pdfBylaw - Establishing A Garbage Disposal System
pdfGarbage By-Law Amendment
pdfBy-Law 2020-14 - Garbage By-Law Amendment

pdfBy-Law 2015-22 – To Permit ATVs on Municipal Highway

pdfBylaw - Recycling Acceptance Agreement - Sudbury

pdfBylaw - Fees & Service Charges 2021

pdfBylaw - Fire Agreement - Britt
pdfBylaw - Fire Agreement - French River
pdfBylaw - Fire Agreement - MNR
pdfBylaw - Fire Restrictions
pdfBylaw - Licencing Registration Control of Dogs
pdfBylaw - Licensing Registration Control of Dogs - Amendment
pdfBylaw - Licensing Registration Control of Dogs - Amendment
pdfBylaw - Licensing Registration Control of Dogs - Schedule D
pdfBylaw - Amend Procedural Bylaw 2004-10

pdfBylaw - Prohibit & Regulate Noises

pdfBylaw - Killarney Cemetery 2014 

pdfBylaw - Water Restrictions

pdfBylaw - Property Standards 2018

pdfBylaw - Clean Yard 2018

pdfBylaw - Regulate placing material - snow removal

pdfBylaw - Seasonal Closure of Sidewalks

pdfBylaw - Water & Sewer Rates 2021

pdfBylaw - Tax Rates 2018
pdfBylaw - Tax Rates 2019
pdfBylaw - Tax Rates 2020
pdfBylaw - Tax Rates 2021

pdfBylaw - Rate of speed on HB

pdfBylaw - Alternative Voting Methods 2018

pdfBylaw - Broder-Dill Snowmobile Association 

pdfAccountability & Transparency Policy

pdfAsset Management Policy

pdfCode of Conduct for Employees
pdfCode of Conduct for Council

How to submit a complaint:
pdfHandling Complaints Policy